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  • 120_SWC
    Storage Wars Canada

    Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT | 7pm MT

    At storage auctions across Canada, high-stakes buyers convene daily, bidding against one another on repossessed and forgotten storage units. Following four teams of bidders looking to score big, Storage Wars Canada is a modern day treasure hunt, chronicling the professional lives.

  • The Liquidator
    The Liquidator

    Thursdays at 9:30pm ET/PT | 7:30pm MT

    Jeff Schwarz has bought and sold his way up the food chain to become the owner of Direct Liquidation — one of the biggest liquidation houses west of the Rockies.

  • OLN_14_WebCarousel_DuckCommander
    Duck Commander

    Weekdays at 2:30pm ET/PT | 12:30pm MT

    Duck Commander offers viewers a sneak peek of the family-owned Duck Commander Company. For 30 years, Phil Robertson’s life has been dedicated to the relentless pursuit of ducks.

  • OLN_14_WebCarousel_DuckDynasty
    Duck Dynasty

    Weekdays at 2pm ET/PT | 12pm MT

    The Robertson family is living the American dream operating a thriving business while staying true to family values.

  • Man v. Food Nation
    Man v. Food Nation

    Weekdays at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

    This season, Adam Richman is taking Man v. Food to a whole new level and he’s inviting you to join his Man v. Food Nation.

  • Operation Repo
    Operation Repo

    Weekdays at 1:30pm ET/ 10:30am PT

    Operation Repo looks inside the fast-paced, high-pressure world of repossession with a team of highly-trained professionals from California’s San Fernando Valley.

  • Storage Hunters
    Storage Hunters

    Weeknights at 10pm ET | 8pm MT

    A fly on the wall series which follows Sean and Lori Kelly’s auction company, who sell off the hidden contents of storage units.

  • OLN_14_WebCarousel_StorageWars
    Storage Wars

    Mondays at 9pm ET/PT | 7pm MT

    Storage unit auctions are the newest and biggest untapped source for hidden treasures and opportunistic individuals bid on unclaimed properties hoping to strike gold.

  • 120_storagewarstexas
    Storage Wars: Texas

    Weeknights at 10:30pm ET/ 7:30pm PT

    Popular OLN hit STORAGE WARS, heads to the Lone Star state to follow teams of bidders on their quest for auction gold.


  • Departures

    Weekdays at 10am ET/ 7am PT

    Ever dreamt of white water rafting in New Zealand, tearing across Canada in only 10 days or stepping on sacred ground in India? Best friends – and Brantford, Ontario, natives – Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach do just that, and more in OLN’s new original Canadian production, Departures.

  • Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan
    Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Season 2

    Tuesdays at 9pm ET | 7pm MT

    In the second season of this popular series, actor Dominic Monaghan explores some of the most remote corners of far-flung countries across the globe.

  • Descending

    Weekdays at 9am ET/ 6am PT

    Nearly three quarters of our planet is water. No matter how tall the highest peak, how vast the broadest desert or how inhospitable the polar caps – it’s all insignificant compared to what lies beneath the waves.


  • 120_ISBA
    I Shouldn’t Be Alive

    Wednesdays 9pm ET | 7pm MT

    A gripping series that examines survivors of death defying experiences as they relive their ordeals and the moment of truth that kept them alive. Using dramatic and harrowing reconstructions of terrifying life or death scenarios, combined with testimony from survivors, the series demonstrates the power of the human spirit and reveals the universal qualities needed to survive.

  • Haunted Collector
    Haunted Collector

    “Haunted Collector” features eminent paranormal collector John Zaffis, who searches for objects that have become home to paranormal spirits and/or energy.

  • Ghost Hunters
    Ghost Hunters

    Fridays at 9pm ET/PT | 7pm MT

    GHOST HUNTERS is the frighteningly successful one-hour weekly series that follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate haunted houses throughout the US.

  • Mantracker

    Weekdays 6pm ET/ 3pm PT

    Alberta-native Chad Savage is the new Mantracker! Savage, an unapologetic cowboy who grew up in the shadow of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, adds a fierce edge to Mantracker Season 7’s competition.

  • Survivorman

    Weekdays at 7am ET/ 4am PT

    Les Stroud returns to the most captivating and harsh wilderness in the world to survive with little food, no water or gear, and no safety or camera crew. But this time, it’s for 10 consecutive days.

  • 120_pythonhunters
    Python Hunters

    Weekdays at 11am ET/PT

    The PYTHON HUNTERS protected Florida from invasive Burmese pythons, lizards, and iguanas. Now they’re on a global mission to protect the planet’s other snakes and reptiles.

  • 120_dogandbeth
    Dog And Beth: On The Hunt

    Each week, the Chapmans will arrive in a different city to work with local bondsman offices and their team of bounty hunters.

  • 120_dynamo_with_logo
    Dynamo: Magician Impossible

    Tipped as the most exciting British magician to emerge in decades and with a list of celebrity fans that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the Hollywood elite, DYNAMO is the story of an ordinary boy from Bradford living an extraordinary life.


  • Angler and Hunter Television
    Angler and Hunter Television

    Sundays at 8am ET/ 5am PT

    Hosted by Mike Miller, Angler and Hunter  highlights hunting and fishing across Canada.

  • Canada in the Rough
    Canada in the Rough

    Saturdays 9am ET / 6am PT

    Canada in the Rough highlights hunting across Canada, covering areas  from the majestic mountains of British Columbia to the mystical boreal forest of Ontario’s Canadian Shield.

  • The Canadian Tradition
    The Canadian Tradition

    Sundays at 8:30am ET/ 5:30am PT

    Follow Host Taylor Wright each week, as he travels across Canada in pursuit of outstanding wilderness adventures.

  • Fish TV
    Fish TV

    Saturdays at 8:30am ET/PT 6:30am MT

    Follow your hosts Leo Stakos and Ron James as they entertain and guide you to all the best fishing and destination hot spots.

  • Snowmobiler TV
    Snowmobiler TV

    Sundays at 9:30am ET

    Having toured just about everywhere snow falls and sleds can ride, from the Arctic Circle in Finland, to the BC backcountry,  to the ice hotel in Sweden, the Snowmobiler TV cameras showcase the gamut of what sleddin has to offer.  

  • Dirt Trax Television
    Dirt Trax Television

    Saturdays at 8am ET

    Dirt Trax Television features in-depth reviews of the latest ATV’s and side-by-side off-road vehicles, destination guides , in-shop technical upgrades and maintenance features, along with human interest stories from the exciting world of off-road adventure.