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Nearly three quarters of our planet is water.  No matter how tall the highest peak, how vast the broadest desert or how inhospitable the polar caps - it’s all insignificant compared to what lies beneath the waves.  DESCENDING (13x60min) is a documentary series that will take viewers on a thrilling adventure into the depths of our world to see places and creatures few of us ever will.

DESCENDING builds upon the highly acclaimed travel series, DEPARTURES, to continue the global adventure of host Scott Wilson and cinematographer, Andre Dupuis.  Together with Kiwi co-host, Ellis Emmett, Scott and Andre, look beyond the seven continents to the rest of the map… all that blue.  They set out to not just dive our oceans, lakes and rivers, but to discover the stories of human triumph and tragedy associated with the water, and see with their own eyes the health of our water planet.

Each episode features a new setting, stunning environments and fascinating cultures from our own backyard to some of the planet’s most remote destinations.  Whether it’s interacting with the ocean’s largest carnivores, exploring untouched remnants of war or watching the birth of the newest part of our planet – Scott and Ellis bring a fresh mix of emotion, humour and knowledge to every story.

An aquatic adventure series for a new generation, DESCENDING pushes the boundaries of existing digital camera technology to capture some of the most incredible underwater footage ever created.

Get ready to dive in!