Show Synopsis

What do you get when you combine crazy competitions, heaping amounts of legendary food and two charismatic competitors? That’s the recipe for “Get Stuffed” – a new series that showcases some of the wackiest events around North America with the craziest cuisine you’ll ever wish you didn’t have to eat!

Each week, two of our fearless four go head-to-head in extreme competitions at “out there” festivals: Georgia’s Redneck Games, Arizona’s Ostrich Races, and Quebec’s Greased Pig Races, just to name a few. Erin, Josh, 6-Pack and Kalyn will do whatever it takes to win. That includes riding ostriches bareback, crawling through mud and bobbing for pig’s feet. If they can’t win fair and square, they’ll just go for a win – or a laugh! The stakes are high, as the winner gets bragging rights and the loser has to take on a gut-busting meal.

Things are just as intense when it comes to scouting out the biggest, best and strangest food the region has to offer. From the spiciest taco salad this side of the Rio Grande, to the aptly named “quadruple bypass burger,” no plate goes unturned in the search for the best punishment meal.

It’s a fun-filled ride that has our competitors fighting to the finish and spectators cheering them on to victory – or to “Get Stuffed!”

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