Show Synopsis

GHOST HUNTERS is the frighteningly successful one-hour  weekly series that follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate haunted houses throughout the US.

From the phenomenally successful co-executive producer of SURVIVOR and producer of AMERICAN CHOPPER and AMERICAN HOT ROD, Craig Poligian, GHOST HUNTERS tracks the lives of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night. The duo head up TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society - a group of intrepid souls who are far from the usual collection of bespectacled Ph.D.s. They are ordinary, everyday people with day jobs, i.e. office managers, factory workers, teachers and even psychic-hotline gurus, and an interest in getting to the bottom of your otherworldly disturbances. Originally headquartered in a spare room of Jason's apartment, TAPS fields phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits from people who have - or claim to have - a nonphysical entity interfering with their lives.

Despite the expenses they incur on gas, equipment (infrared cameras, night-vision goggles and the like) and time off from their real jobs, they know they could never charge for their services - that would make them much more likely to be labeled charlatans. And while they are able to explain away most every scary incident they encounter, there are those things that seem to have no explanation…except, of course, the one thing nobody wants to believe!

Paranormal phenomena? Haunted homeowners? Ghostly apparitions and the souls of the departed? Maybe it’s really simple tricks of light...or even the plumbing! Just ask the GHOST HUNTERS, our first and last defense against uninvited paranormal visitations.