Search for Mantracker

Search for Mantracker

Searching for Mantracker – The Special

Bonterra Productions spread their wings far and wide across the continent to do some tracking of their own, on a mission to find a new Mantracker.

After 6 seasons, Terry Grant has retired and the search for the new Mantracker has begun.

The Search began in January 2011 at Reno Nevada’s Safari Club International Convention.  The top hunting guides gather there yearly; including the top Canadian guides and trackers.  Reaching out far and wide by alerting local radio stations and newspapers in Canadian towns, Bonterra packed their bags and hit the dusty trails to Prince George, Fort St. John, Kelowna B.C., Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Cochrane, and Caroline Alberta; even down to Florida.

The media announced the location and time of the auditions, and our executive and series producer interviewed 156 candidates on camera, to find out if they did in fact, know their land and their prey.

After narrowing down the candidates to 12, our team selected the final four hopefull trackers and sent them to Florida to be field tested against two veteran prey: Season 4’s fan-favourites – Andrew and Hainsley.

The new Mantracker had to be an excellent tracker first and foremost but in addition, Bonterra was looking for a tracker who could amp up the chase to another level, since many of the more recent prey had become savvy on how to defeat Mantracker by studying earlier episodes.

Most of the candidates we interviewed were amazing characters.  The horsemanship, bush, and tracking skills, combined with some of the outrageous personalities we came across made it quite challenging to narrow the selection down to the handful necessary to make the final decision.  The result is an extremely entertaining journey, which delivered to us an amazing new face for Mantracker, Season 7.