Season 1

Episode One “Jeff & Magnus”
Jeff Bremner, 47, is an oil prospector from Medicine Hat, Alberta; and Magnus Mulliner, 34, is a fitness and wellness consultant from Calgary. These two may both be from Alberta – but this is where the similarities end. If they are going to outwit Mantracker in Alberta’s ranch country, they will have to find some common ground. The terrain is rough, putting Mantracker and his horses at a serious disadvantage in this chase. Will Mantracker and local guide TJ capture these two tenacious prey despite the terrain? Or will Bremner and Mulliner overcome their differences and outrace Mantracker?

Episode Two “Lisa &Nicolina”
Lisa McMillan, a freelance writer and Nicolina Lanni, a journalism student, are two young women with steely resolve – and they want to make this the toughest challenge Mantracker has ever faced. To make sure of that, they push themselves to their physical and psycholical limits – facing paralyzing phobias – and drag Mantracker through a maze of thick bush and swamp. Mantracker’s horse is in danger and he’s not happy about it. Nobody’s safe in this adrenaline-packed game of hide-and-seek.

Episode Three “Nicola & Jim”
The old cliché “opposites attract” is put to the test as young city dweller Nicola Stephenson is paired with experienced outdoorsmen Jim McKelvey. They may not share a postal code, but they do share a will to win – no matter what. Doing whatever it takes, the prey overcomes physical adversity and drags Mantracker through the Rockies in pursuit of victory. But will it be enough to evade Mantracker?

Episode Four “Russ & Susie”
In this episode, Russ Giesbrecht, a hunting guide and Susie Rogan, a chicken farmer, pit themselves against both Mantracker and the toughest terrain the Yukon has to offer. It’s a grueling chase through over 65 kilometres of tangled willow, high elevations and torrential storms. This isn’t going to be easy for the hunter or the hunted. It’s going to take a lot of perseverance in order to navigate this unforgiving territory.

Episode Five “Mike and Neela”
Straight-laced computer consulatant Mike Tribes and laid back pilot Neela Free are out to prove something. They know the Yukon and they’re focused on beating Mantracker on their home turf. It may be storming in the Yukon, but Mantracker has his targets set on one thing – capture.

Episode Six “Vlad and Nate”
Vlad Rybicka and Nate Brooks are two grizzled military vets who test their “take no prisoners” philosophy against Mantracker in the foothills of Alberta. It’s commandos versus cowboys and Mantracker can’t afford to make any mistakes if he wants to apprehend these renegades.

Episode Seven “Jim and Dara Lee”
Jim Hicks, a 43-year-old heavy equipment operator and Dara Lee Masters, a 34-year-old urgent care worker know that if they if they can’t outrun Mantracker, they’ll have to outwit him. But Mantracker is a veteran of psychological warfare, so the prey better step up to the challenge. Could the tangled forests of Ontario’s far north be the prey’s only chance at escape?

Episode Eight “Luke and Mike”
Thirty-something’s Luke Walkerly and Mike Sutton couldn’t have less in common. Sutton is a dedicated athlete who goes by the nickname “Mr. Everything,” whereas Walkerly takes pride in his dry wit and sharpshooting paintball skills. If they are going to beat Mantracker, they will have to put their differences aside or Walkerly is going to have one more reason to hate cowboy hats.

Episode Nine “Julio and Joe”
In this special one-hour finale, Mantracker comes up against his most cocksure competitors yet. Julio Gutierrez, an extreme wrestler and Joe Bishop, a wilderness guide, manage to forget their differences and pull out all the stops to get Mantracker off their trail. These two take the chase through the swamps, mountains, lakes and bush of the nightless Yukon Territory – but will it be enough to outrun Mantracker?

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