Season 2

Episode One “Chris and Brock”

Chris and Brock are friends from the Greater Toronto Area, out to show Mantracker that their street smarts and urban fortitude will match Mantracker’s talents in the mountainous terrain of British Columbia. With attitude, grit and determination, the boys put Mantracker through the ringer. Across the most gruelling and dangerous terrain ever faced by any previous prey, it’s a white-knuckle ride right to the end.

Episode Two “Shannon and Stephanie”

In the second episode this season, friendships are tested, phobias are confronted and egos are on the line in the unforgiving Alberta wilderness. Shannon and Stephanie are bush smart, competitive athletes and close friends. They’re also moms out to prove that being an attractive woman doesn’t mean that you can’t handle Mantracker. But Mantracker’s hungrier than ever – he lost to a team of women last season, so he’s got both bragging rights and redemption on the line.

Episode Three “Dustin and Ian”

Two fierce athletes who thrive on competition challenge Mantracker to a battle of strength and determination in the wild remote wilderness of Grande Cache, Alberta. Dustin and Ian, childhood friends and Ultimate Frisbee teammates refuse to let fear and dehydration curb their quest for glory but a hungry Mantracker won’t be deterred by their savvy diversions or incredible fitness. Will the hunter’s skills triumph over the prey’s unrelenting competitive nature? Or will Dustin and Ian be diminished by a devastating defeat?

Episode Four “Brent and Brian”

An unforgiving Yukon landscape, frigid fall weather and elite prey team raise the stakes for Mantracker. Brent and Brian have the bush experience and physical strength to cut it on “Mantracker,” and their training as firefighters and ability to stay cool under pressure raise the bar even further. But it’s September in the north — will the severe conditions break them and tip the delicate balance to Mantracker?

Episode Five “Erica and Kendall”

Erica and Kendall appear to be completely out of their element in the Yukon wilderness. But these city girls have a drive to succeed and their potential makes them stellar opponents. By leaving surprises in the bush for Mantracker, will the women successfully get under the tracker’s skin and make him lose his focus, or will the downtown divas succumb to the gruelling landscapes that make hours spent on a stair-climber and treadmill seem like a walk in the park?

Episode Six “Brian and Samantha”

It’s the rainiest, muddiest and slipperiest fall on record in Northern Ontario and Mantracker’s team is being pushed to the limit. Brian and Samantha are incredibly fit, strong and determined. But they are also the youngest prey team of the season and putting their relationship to the ultimate test. They are very competitive with Mantracker, and even more competitive with each other. Will they cross the finish line together, or will love come second to victory?

Episode Seven “Dan and Jared”

Two polar opposite strangers come together for this battle to the finish line. Both bring extensive training and resolve to the table. Dan, a former U.S. Marine Corps sniper and personal trainer of massive proportions; and Jared, a highly trained and disciplined Martial Artist and self described smartass, break out cheeky diversions and carefully crafted escape and evade techniques that force Mantracker to draw on all he’s got. Will the two strangers be able to work as a team, or will their different personalities clash and cost them the chase?

Episode Eight ”Steve and Jeff”

Steve and Jeff are among the most elite athletes in the world – Olympians. They compete in one of the most exciting, risky sports there is – freestyle aerials. The snow, mud and terrain of early winter in northern Ontario are a horse’s – and Mantracker’s – worst nightmare. And for the first time, “Mantracker” moves into the realm of urban warfare. This could be the chase of the season – has Mantracker met his match? Steve and Jeff have a competitive edge unmatched by any other team – but when does confident turn into cocky?

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