Season 4

Episode One “Billy and the Rev”

These hard-core extremists call themselves the ‘mountain dogs’. They have a few tricks up their sleeves AND on their ski poles as they tackle Southern California’s Big Bear Mountain and attempt to lose the trackers on their tail.

Episode Two “Jessica and Lauren”

They’re sisters, but definitely not two peas in a pod. Lauren is an aspiring opera singer, while Jessica is a pole-dancing instructor. How these talents will help them escape Mantracker through the mountainous terrain of Big White, British Columbia, is anyone’s guess. But it sure will be fun to watch.

Episode Three “Rene and David”

Brothers and business partners Rene and Dave lead us on a chase through Big River, Northern Saskatchewan, the land of lakes and woods that inspired the conservationist ‘Grey Owl’. But it’s virgin ground for Mantracker, who brings his considerable skills to the boreal forest.

Episode Four “Chelsea and Trev”

Mantracker adjusts his tracking skills to suit the California high desert abutting the Mojave. He’s up against Chelsea – a volatile mix of bush smarts and spiritual instincts – and Trev, the entrepreneur, who hopes his back-country experience and level head will take them to the finish.

Episode Five “Hainsley and Andrew”

Back for another chase around Elliot Lake, Mantracker is batting 500 in Northern Ontario, but it always makes him cranky! Andrew and Hainsley are fast-talking, city-slickers with a love of sports, the outdoors and themselves! Will they be putting Mantracker in the Hall of Fame? Or taking him down for the count.

Episode Six “Brian and Julie”

Siblings Brian and Julie have spent a lot of time together and feel their unspoken communication will help them ‘feel’ their way to victory. They’ve got the bush experience – in Ontario. But now they’re being chased by the tracker in British Columbia, and it’s a whole new back country.

Episode Seven “Tommy and Steve”

Mantracker goes in search of a pair of Newfoundlanders over the rolling foothills of the Long Range Mountains on The Rock’s west coast. They all tackle the ‘tuckamore’ while the prey leave Newfie ‘treats’ for the trackers.

Episode Eight “Adam and Mike”

Brothers-in-law Mike and Adam have book smarts alright; they’re both teachers. But will all that theoretical knowledge translate into solid strategy as they tough it out in the bush surrounding North Bay, Ontario?

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