Season 5

Episode One “Jason and Clayton”

Elliot Lake hosts the Season Premiere of Mantracker 5, featuring country music stars Clayton Bellamy and Jason McCoy of The Road Hammers as the Prey. These guys are tough on the tour – but can they suck it up in the bush? And will guide Phil Lemieux be able to stop them long enough to get an autograph?

Episode Two “Blake and Layney”

Blake Hudson is an attorney in Los Angeles. His partner, Layney DeLange, is a postal worker in Big Bear, CA. He’s an adventure racer, but this is HER backyard. Will opposites attract a victory? Mantracker has Sidekick Mark Murphy to guide him through the high Desert in search of this odd couple.

Episode Three “Amy and Barb”

This is the Mom episode. Sisters Amy & Barb have 9 kids between them, and they think that prepares them for the wilds of Grande Cache Alberta. Curtis Hallock is back on team Tracker and they aim to put these women in their place.

Episode Four “Ryder and Brendyn”

These globetrotting brothers bring skills honed in places like Mongolia, Antarctica and Russia’s Red Square to take on Mantracker in the Temagami forest. But, Barry Keown is back as Mantracker’s guide and you know how he loves to blast into the Northern Ontario bush.

Episode Five “Barb and Max

Mother & son: now there’s a dynamic not seen before on Mantracker. Can a relationship so close and proscribed withstand the stresses of the chase? Or will big boy Max demand emancipation from his artist mother? Martin Dillabough guides Mantracker through the wilderness surrounding Quesnel, British Columbia.

Episode Six “Chris and Shawn

They’re ‘Surfer Dudes’ from Hawai’i’s Big Island hoping that (Chris’s) age & wisdom, combined with (Shawn’s) youth and enthusiasm will see them to victory on the slopes of Mauna Loa. Local ‘paniolo’ Leon Chow helps Mantracker negotiate the old growth forests and treacherous lava fields of his island home.

Episode Seven “Angie and Nolan”

Martial Arts Teacher Angie and her student/best friend Nolan pit themselves against the tracker and the Elliot Lake bush. Will Mantracker’s sidekick Phil Lemieux be able to keep them out of the bogs – that’s question one. Can he stay on his horse? That’s something else.

Episode Eight “Dylan and Travis”

Hollywood comes to Central BC – but the actors don’t have a script for this action drama! Dylan & Travis get a healthy dose of reality as they try to evade Mantracker along the historic Cariboo mining trail.

Episode Nine “Pete and Cam”

Back in Grande Cache, Alberta and it’s flood season. Downtown boys Cam & Pete take on the cowboys and Mother Nature in this gruelling challenge, while Mantracker brings back his secret weapon – Curtis the horse whisperer – as his guide.

Episode Ten “Steph and Kristy”

Stephanie Hickey and Kristy Breault are a couple of sweet young things from Los Angeles CA, working towards careers in law. As they brave the high desert of Big Bear, they hope their ‘horse-sense’ will give them an edge. But Tracker has eagle-eyed Mark Murphy on his side.

Episode Eleven “Ben and Darrell”

Canada’s military gets represented in Temagami as reservists Ben & Darrell test their army training against the wilds of Ontario’s northern bush. Bad news for the prey – their kit is ‘sub’ standard issue, with none of the technical equipment they’re used to carrying. And Mantracker still has ‘Krazy’ Keown to help him find his way.

Episode Twelve “Tim and Miah”

Another trip to Hawai’i, this time with Tim Lara and Jeremiah Redins – kayak guides from the next island over. They’re well respected for their extreme skills in the ocean, but Mantracker and his guide Leon don’t know if those talents will translate to land. The Big Kahunas come to the Big Island, bringing their paddling skills and personal rivalry to the chase.