Season 7

They’re two Air Force Space Command officers from the Colorado Rockies – one is in Analysis and Strategic Planning of the satellite program while the other maintains and launches them! They’re smart, fit and bush savvy. Their IQ’s are as high as the altitudes at which they train. Lucky for us we’re still in the Rockies, but now in Crowsnest Pass Alberta.
Odaro John “Huck” Huckstep
Age: 36
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: US Air Force Space Command
Bio Fact: From being Flight Director for the Titan IV, to planning the launches for the Air Force satellite program, Huck is a family man who loves to fish, hunt and climb! His proudest accomplishments? His great kids and completing the ‘Manitou Incline’ in 34 minutes. (That’s a 2000 foot ascent in 1 mile)
Andrew B. Rowland
Age: 40
Hometown: Pocatello, ID
Occupation: Rocket Scientist
Bio Fact: Andy was a trout farmer in his native Idaho prior to helping build, launch and operate communications satellites for the US Air Force. He’s a fly-fisherman and a hunter, a pilot and a runner, regularly outpacing the 20 somethings in his squadron. And he does the ‘Incline’ in 33 minutes!
Actors from LA and Toronto, Jessie and Mercedes have played many roles. Their next? Mantracker’s PREY in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Walking the red carpet does not prepare you for the chase but a little improv’ experience on their resumes won’t hurt. They nailed the audition, but the lead role they’ve landed might be harder than they think.
Mercedes Leggett
Age: 29
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Actress
Bio Fact: Being claustrophobic shouldn’t be a problem in the great outdoors – but Mercedes will have to channel her inner country girl for this chase. Hobbies include yoga, going to concerts and Muay Thai Boxing! Watch out Mantracker.
Jessie Behan
Age: 29
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Actress/Financial Sales Rep
Bio Fact: Jessie is a world traveler and adventure seeker. From bungee jumping to ski racing to Ultimate Frisbee, this girl goes for the gusto. What brings out the fear factor? Dark woods, bugs, and whatever’s lurking in the basement. No fear of Mantracker, though.
A couple of Morning Show Rock Jocks from Red Deer Alberta leave their soundproof bubble to challenge Mantracker and the Florida heat. Will they be bragging over the airwaves or giving the local hero his due?
David “Zap” Zaparanuik
Age: 34
Hometown: Red Deer, AB
Occupation: Radio Host/DJ
Bio Fact: Zap has spent most of his adult life on the radio, so his outside activities are a bit limited. He lists ‘Call of Duty’ as his military training, which will no doubt prepare him for this game of strategic evasion.
Andrew Loughrin
Age: 29
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation: Radio Host/DJ
Bio Fact: Definitely the joker of the duo, Andrew will do anything for a laugh … or attention. He credits some formative years in Ottawa for giving him the ‘outdoors’ enthusiasm for camping, hiking, bungee jumping and free falling. He says he’s using Mantracker as a springboard to The Amazing Race. Good luck, Andrew.
A BC mountain guide with 20 years of bush experience and his neophyte backwoods buddy are determined to go where no horse can follow. But they haven’t met the New Mantracker!
Les Allen
Age: 50
Hometown: Kelowna, BC
Occupation: Guide/Outfitter
Bio Fact: Les believes he is the closest thing to Mantracker we’re going to find. He’s been trapping since he was 13 and started guiding at 19. He runs 5K every day, unless he’s in training, then it’s 10. He’s been a bush pilot for over 30 years in the wilderness of BC and he’s only crashed once. Of course it only takes once, Les…
Tyler Harris
Age: 40
Hometown: Kelowna, BC
Occupation: Free Agent
Bio Fact: ‘T-Bone’ was a Steam Engineer for 18 years until the plant closed down, so for the present he is indulging his passion for travel and adventure. His wilderness training comes courtesy his partner, Les, helping him set up a wilderness camp. He’s now a veritable artist with a chainsaw.
Toronto’s own Roller Derby chicks might have what it takes to compete on Mantracker – but will they be able to work together? Amanda and Carla play on opposite teams, one as a jammer and one as a blocker. Instead of “checking” each other on the circuit track, they’ll be checking their compass in Crowsnest Pass Alberta.
Carla Ionescu
Age: 36
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania
Occupation: Archeologist/Teacher
Bio Fact: Carla loves digging in the dirt – for artifacts of ancient civilizations! But sleeping in the dirt? Not so much. As a member of ToRD’s ‘Death Track Dolls’, she gets her kicks bashing her opponents on the Roller Derby circuit. And she’s looking forward to sky diving…
Amanda Seddon
Age: 27
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Occupation: Travel Agent
Bio Fact: This daughter of a Scout Leader loves mud! And horses … part of her work-out routine is mucking stalls. The package is small, but the roller derby jammer has a competitive streak that won’t let her quit. As long as there aren’t any sharks in the woods.
Hawaiian locals and band mates Brandon and Seth think they have a “6 pack” of tricks to beat the Canadian Mantracker, but they’ll have to sober up to tackle the rough and wild terrain of Big Island Hawaii.
Brandon Kapaun
Age: 31
Hometown: Fargo, ND
Occupation: Electrician
Bio Fact: Mr. Hiker just loves being out of doors, whether summiting Mauna Kea mountain all the way from the ocean (4205m) or exploring the lush Waimanu Valley. Brandon thinks he’s the most qualified prey ever to challenge the Tracker; this is the fulfillment of a dream many years in the making.
Seth Toland
Age: 38
Hometown: Kailua Kona, HI
Occupation: Self-Employed Builder
Bio Fact: Seth is a pretty laid back guy. He’s run a few triathlons, lived in the hills for weeks at a time and generally keeps moving. Ten years ago, he was hit by a truck and cracked his head open. Maybe that’s why he wanted to be on Mantracker.
They know their land and they know their horses. So how much will this knowledge really help the prey? We’ll see how equestrian sisters make out in the wilds of the Haliburton Forest – which just happens to be their back yard.
Randelle Pogue
Age: 25
Hometown: Peterborough, ON
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Bio Fact: Randi is a committed career woman with an adrenalin junkie heart. From horse racing to jumping off cliffs, Randi goes for the thrill. She says the toughest training is ‘haying season’, hefting 40lb bales up to the 45 ft lofts. She worries about Stacey’s ‘extreme lack of any sense of direction.’
Stacey Pogue
Age: 22
Hometown: Peterborough, ON
Occupation: University Student
Bio Fact: Nicknamed ‘Bambi’ (picture splayed legs on ice), Stacey is the eternal optimist. Loves fox hunting and sky diving and thinks being a life-long athlete will keep her ahead of the trackers, in spite of her obvious short-comings in the navigation department.
From the coal mines of Kentucky to the hot Florida sun … A championship belt winning female cage fighter and her trainer boyfriend take on Mantracker in the stifling heat of gator infested Myakka River State Park. They have a fighter’s instinct and they’re hoping this chase will be a TKO!
Scottie Malynn Fortner
Age: 18
Hometown: Kuttawa, KY
Occupation: College Student/Cage Fighter
Bio Fact: Mix the spirit of a tom-boy with the good looks of a fashion model and you’ve got Scottie. She likes to ride horses, mountain bike, and go 4-wheeling, when she’s not studying to be a vet or looking after her toddler. Yeah, cage fighter and mom – that makes her one tough competitor!
Steven Gagnon
Age: 21
Hometown: Paducah, KY
Occupation: Cage Fighter/Trainer
Bio Fact: Steven is a college student and fight trainer and he loves a challenge. Phobias are losing and whiney chicks. He cites ‘dating Scottie Fortner’ as the most dangerous and daring thing he has ever done.
These horse cops from the T-dot usually get their man, but can Mantracker catch them? They’re leaving their equine companions behind and trading in their city blues for full camo. They are sure their experience in the force and on the horse will be what it takes to win this chase.
Mike Ducusin
Age: 32
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Police Constable, Toronto Mounted Unit
Bio Fact: He’s a Scorpio, stubborn and meticulous, and he claims to be the life of the party. Impressions, anyone? Uber-competitive, especially with his partner, Ryan. Major challenge is Mike’s inability to swim, although the hot air may keep him afloat.
Ryan Price
Age: 33
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Occupation: Police Constable, Toronto Mounted Unit
Bio Fact: He don’t like spiders and snakes … but bring on the mobs and the ne’er-do-wells. Ryan is proud of his ability to serve and protect; being in the mounted unit is “the best job ever!” He’s been known to sleep under the stars, but usually after a few too many drinks.
Renee is a professional wild boar trapper, not a common career choice in North America but an essential service on the Big Island of Hawaii. He tracks, traps and wrestles them into submission. His partner-in-crime? His beautiful daughter Kiani. Brains, brawn, beauty and an intimate knowledge of the island might be our tracker’s downfall.
Kiani-Renee Bousquet
Age: 18
Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Occupation: Student, Trapper
Bio Fact: Everyday activities include open water spear fishing, hunting 300 lb pigs and cliff diving. She says driving her parents’ truck is the only thing that really scares her.
Renee Bousquet
Age: 50
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Occupation: Animal Rescue/Pig Hunter
Bio Fact: Growing up, Renee learned to hunt, track and trap while spending time on a Paiute Indian Reservation, then honed his techniques with bushmen in Africa. He keeps fit with 10 mile hikes to his hunting grounds on the Big Island. Contrary to all of this, he says he’s “no metrosexual, but he does get pedicures!”


From the Big Apple to the bush of Elliot Lake, Jake and Nick are totally out of their element. The concrete jungle is full of hard knocks; let’s see if Jake’s ability to navigate the suits and collars of lower Manhattan compliments Nick’s pre-med smarts in the Northern Ontario bush. They had better watch out; horses could catch the scent of them apples!
Jake Tuber
Age: 25
Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, NY
Occupation: HR Development
Bio Fact: Between being raised by two psychologists and being a stand-up comedian in NYC, you can rest assured that Jake Tuber has an answer for everything. But Jake’s never been in the infamous Ontario bush before… Can he walk as well as he talks to the finish line?
Nicholas Swerdlow
Age: 24
Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, NY
Occupation: Med Student
Bio Fact: It’s common knowledge that it takes both brains and brawn to beat Mantracker, and Nick’s seemingly inherited both! If it’s just a matter of dosage, Nick better pack plenty of cc’s of both – stat.
Best friends and co-adventurers Shaun & Vanessa figure they’re pretty savvy about the outdoors. But this adventure in central BC tests their mettle and their friendship.
Shaun Hellmich
Age: 31
Hometown: Coquitlam, BC
Occupation: Goldsmith
Bio Fact: An active member of the Port Moody Lapidary Club, Shaun went from construction management to gem-cutting. His favourite hobby is adventure motorcycling, but he’s willing to ditch the wheels to help his friend Vanessa cross this one off her bucket list.
Vanessa Larochelle
Age: 30
Hometown: East Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Student
Bio Fact: Mother of two and lifelong learner, Vanessa cites giving birth as her most traumatizing or embarrassing moment. She’s convinced her chutzpah and her partner will pull her through one of the biggest challenges she’s ever faced.