Meet The Cast


The cast of Storage Wars Canada (from left to right: Bogart, Paul, Ursula, Don, Roy, Cindy, Rick)

Storage Wars Canada Cast

Don ReinhartDon Reinhart – Auctioneer Hometown: Caledon, ONAuctioneering Experience: Setting up auctions for 48 years, Don has auctioned off everything from smashed up cars to houses.Words to Live By: “If you don’t play the rules my way, you don’t play.”Born into a family of auctioneers, Don is self-taught and has been conducting auctions since 1965. Crediting his success to strict work ethic and his broad range of knowledge, Don’s loyal following of bidders guarantees that wherever he goes, he always draws a crowd.

Don Reinhart @SWCDonReinhart






Roy DirnbeckRoy Dirnbeck – “The Instigator”
Hometown: Mississauga, ONBest Deal: He bought a locker for $3,200 that contained a $17,000 Rolex.Words to Live By: “You know what, Canada? Start paying your bills or I’m gonna own your s%#t!”Not looking to make new friends, Roy will risk everything to be the top bidder. Dirty tricks, intimidation, sheer determination, and the occasional disguise are all part of his strategy. As the owner of a successful courier company, Roy has deep pockets and is “not interested in dealing in the garbage.”

Roy Dirnbeck @InstigatorRoy




Ursula StolfUrsula Stolf – “The Knock Out”
Hometown: Woodbridge, ONBest Deal:She bought a pair of $1,500 Mui Mui boots for $65, and re-sold them for $600.
Words to Live By: “Don’t tell me I can’t, ’cause I can, and don’t tell me don’t, ’cause I will”With the success of her online business re-selling high-end clothing and accessories, Ursula sees great potential in the storage locker scene. Her late father introduced her to the idea of storage auctions when she was a child.

Ursula Stolf @UrsTheKnockOut






Cindy Hayden and Rick CoffillCindy Hayden and Rick Coffill – “The Veterans”
Hometown: Newmarket, ONBest Deal: They bought a $2,500 locker and found an antique diamond ring worth $50,000.Words to Live By: “I’m usually a good girl, but if you cross that line at an auction, I’m coming after you.” – CindyThese fierce competitors are veterans of the storage locker auction scene and are well-known for being aggressive bidders. On a mission to fill their store with whatever high-end antiques and collectables they come across, Cindy and Rick use a variety of unseemly tactics to scare off other bidders, and have no fear of fighting dirty.

Cindy Hayden and Rick Coffill @TheVeteransx2





Paul and Bogart KennyPaul and Bogart Kenny – “The High Roller and The Kid”
Hometown: Toronto, ONBest Deal: They bought a set of china for $750 and re-sold it for $30,000.Words to Live By: “My wife says ‘don’t be caustic, sarcastic, or demeaning to anybody today.’ Sometimes I make it through the day, sometimes I don’t.” – Paul
A born hustler, Paul made a living as a professional poker player for over 30 years, and parlayed his winnings into a very successful side business of buying and selling collectibles. With Paul’s uncanny ability to, “make a dollar out of 15 cents,” he knows the true re-sale value of most finds, and is now teaching his son, Bogart, the tricks of the trade. Bogart seems to be the only one not intimidated by Paul, and argues with him about everything.

Paul Kenny @highrollerpaul

Bogart Kenny @thekidbogart