Show Synopsis

Liquidation King Jeff Schwarz travels far and wide in search of the next great deal in 13 special edition episodes of The Liquidator: On the Go.

This season follows Jeff to far-flung locations that few other liquidators would dare to visit, as he’s constantly forced out of his comfort zone. Whether he’s working up a sweat haggling for turbans in the streets of New Delhi, hawking leather bondage gear at a crowded Palm Springs gay bar, or butting heads with rough and tough wheeler dealers in backcountry Alberta, Jeff stops at nothing to turn a profit.

And he’s in good company! With the help of his apprentice Daniel, Jeff tries to pull off one of the biggest auctions of his career in Toronto. When things go sideways, they hit the city streets in a hilarious attempt to do damage control. Jeff’s best “frenemy” José returns as his road trip wingman, although he has no idea that one of their destinations will turn out to be a sex toy shop where spankings pass for a negotiation tactic.

So if you're in the market for a fast-paced, unpredictable, laugh-out-loud ride with a liquidator who just won't quit...have we got a deal for you!

THE LIQUIDATOR offers a ringside seat to Jeff’s fast paced, high stakes, buy-and-sell world. From getting the tip and checking out the goods to making the deal and finding a buyer, we see it all…and it isn’t always pretty.

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