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In the second season of this popular series, actor Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) explores some of the most remote corners of far-flung countries across the globe – Brazil, Zambia, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, just to name a few - as he searches for the largest, weirdest and most intense creatures alive. Dominic Monaghan is best known for his role in the movie adaptations of Lord of the Rings and as Charlie Pace in Lost. A true nature lover, Monaghan’s knowledge and love for insects and reptiles developed during his childhood and remains to this day. In this second season of Wild Things, Dom expands his quests to include bigger and badder creatures – giant spitting cobras, charging elephants, a creature with the longest fangs in the world and another that just might be the most venomous animal in the ocean are just a few of the creatures on Dom’s roster this time around.