Q: Can I view OLN.ca videos on my tablet or mobile device?

A: To play oln.ca videos on your mobile phone or tablet, your device must support Adobe Flash. Flash is required to support studio-mandated DRM (digital rights management) on copyrighted content. Currently, the only mobile devices that support Flash are those with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Android and iOS devices do not support Flash and thus cannot play the videos. Try watching instead on a desktop or laptop PC or Mac.


Q: I receive this error when I watch episodes online on my PC or Mac: “This player is unable to play this protected content at this time“. What does this mean? What can I do if I see this?

A: Update your web browser and the Adobe Flash plugin to the latest versions. This error message is frequently seen with Google Chrome browsers.  Ensure that you have updated the latest version of Chrome and that you have the most recent Flash plugin.   You can also try using a different browser such as Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. If the problem persists, read on for further solutions.


Do you have a browser plugin or program that blocks advertising? If so, disable this software as it may prevent the video from playing properly.


There is a cookie used by our 3rd party host (Brightcove) for all our episodes online. That cookie has to be accepted by your computer in order for you to get access to the episodes online. If you are seeing the above error consistently, then your computer may be blocking that cookie. Until your computer is able to access the DRM cookie from Brightcove, your computer will be unable to access the material online. This DRM (Digital Rights Management) is demanded by the producers of the content and we must comply by the terms of our contracts to offer their material online on our site.
Here is what you can do that may allow you to access these episodes online on your PC or Mac:


*Dump your cache and your cookies in your browser – completely.
*Update your browser.
*Update your Flash Player.


Do you have a problem that blocks 3rd party cookies such as AVG “Don’t Track Me,” or any other process/cookie/malware blocking program? If so, set the program to allow cookies on your browser from OLN/Brightcove.


Q: I use VPN to get access online, can this cause problems with accessing oln.ca?

A: Yes. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can cause access problems to oln.ca videos if your connection is on a server outside of Canada. If your local IP address is not a valid Canadian IP address, oln.ca will block access as our video episodes online are geo-blocked for use in Canada only.


Q: What is Flash Player?

A: Flash Player is software for viewing multimedia, rich internet applications and streaming video and audio, on a computer web browser or on supported mobile devices. You need Flash Player working and up to date to access full episode videos online on oln.ca. To update your Flash Player go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer and follow the provided instructions.


Q: When do new episodes appear online?
A: New episodes appear online on the next day after the original TV broadcast unless unforeseen technical difficulties occur.


Q: Does it cost anything to watch videos?
A: No, watching videos is completely free of charge.