Polar Bear Town Resources

The Science, Consultants and Resources Behind “Polar Bear Town”

The Polar Bear Town team relied on a wide range of resources for the polar bear behavior science in the Polar Bear Town series. Daryl Hedman and Bob Windsor from Manitoba Conservation were instrumental in answering our many questions about polar bear behavior management and provided us with exceptional access to their efforts to keep both town and bears safe. Polar Bear Town’s in house polar bear researcher/story consultant would also like to acknowledge and thank Ian Stirling and Andrew Durocher from the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta. Their many publications on polar bear biology were extremely valuable to our efforts to depict the bears migration and behavior accurately.

Special thanks to Edward Struzik author of Arctic Icons: How The Town of Churchill Learned to Love its Polar Bears; Don Moore, Senior Scientist at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park andJane Waterman, the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba for their generous assistance in answering questions. And we could not have made the series without the continued support of our polar bear guides/experts, Kelsey Eliasson, author of Polar Bears of Churchill, and Dennis Compayre, author of Waiting for Dancer, who not only appeared as main subjects in the series but also served as key consultants on the development of the polar bear stories. Their experience and knowledge of Churchill polar bears has been essential to the show’s success.