Season 1

Episode 1 “Northern Lights. Northern Fights”
The buyers travel to the town of Aurora, where they hope to uncover a wealth of treasures. “The Instigator” Roy spots a hidden gem that may give him the upper hand, while “The Veterans” Rick and Cindy find a mysterious item worth investigating. Father-and-son duo Paul and Bogart (“High Roller and The Kid”) are played for suckers, and Ursula “The Knock Out” learns the hard way that there are no friends at auction.

Episode 2 “Orangeville Squeeze Play”
As the buyers peel into Orangeville, Ursula is determined to prove she’s a major player, Roy bids up the competition, and Paul and Bogart uncover an item that just might be cuckoo.

Episode 3 “You Just Got “Roy’d”!”
Brampton becomes a battleground as Roy blasts the buyers with rude and crude comments. Cindy does her best to throw Ursula off her game, and Paul tries his best to teach Bogart a thing or two.

Episode 4 “Safes n’ Snakes”
In Orangeville, the buyers resort to head games to psych out the competition. Roy manages to distract Cindy, but gets caught up in Ursula’s charm. Later, Roy and Cindy double-team Paul and Bogart.

Episode 5 “It’s Like Archaeology, You Dig?”
North York becomes an archaeological dig as buyers unearth pieces of the past that could enrich their future. Roy buries Cindy and uncovers something with major potential, while Bogart finds a locker that he knows a thing or two about. Rick and Cindy find an item with First Nations ties.

Episode 6 “Ain’t No Locker Like A Birthday Locker”
The competition is fierce on Rick’s birthday with a heated battle that sees several buyers finding items custom made to relieve their stress.

Episode 7 “Wanna Smell My Hair?”
Roy comes to the auction disguised as his long-haired, gold-toothed, crazy cousin Ray. Chaos ensues.

Episode 8 “Fashion Passion”
Ursula goes all in for a fashion locker in Rick and Cindy’s hometown of Newmarket.

Episode 9 “Taunted, Haunted, and Most Wanted”
Ursula puts up with her bossy older sister, Rick takes the reins, Roy calls the cops, and Paul and Bogart lose their sh*t.

Episode 10 “Crazy From the Heat”
One way or another, all the buyers get burned on the hottest auction day of the year.

Episode 11 “The Thrilla in Clairevilla”
The father/son team of Paul and Bogart splits up to go locker vs. locker in Claireville. May the best Kenny win!

Episode 12 “Big Cow Trouble in Little Ajax”
The grand opening of Paul and Bogart’s store finally arrives, but a kink is put into their plans when a new buyer shows up on the scene with money to burn.

Episode 13 “All Out Storage War”
Jeff Schwarz, aka “The Liquidator,” presides as guest auctioneer over the series’ most contentious, highest-stakes battle to date.

Episode 14 “Canadian Pecker”
Guest auctioneer Patrick Pecker brings “the full Pecker” to the auction, fuelling his longstanding feud with Roy.

Episode 15 “A-locker-lypse Now”
Roy suits up in full army gear to declare war on the buyers in Scarborough.

Episode 16 “Even Veterans Get The Blues”
Roy’s paltry gifts are no match for Cindy’s foul mood at the auction in Scarborough.

Episode 17 “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Instigators”
The Thornhill buyers run for cover when a self-help CD gives Roy a new lease on his egomaniacal life.

Episode 18 “Fast Times at Wedgie-mont High”
A Brampton auction near some of the gang’s old high school proves they’re all still rowdy teenagers at heart.

Episode 19 “Com-Paul-sive Behaviour”
Paul’s locker addiction reaches new highs (and lows) at the Wasaga Beach auction.

Episode 20 “Psychic Psych Out”
Rick and Cindy bring a psychic to help them land the best lockers in Don Mills.

Episode 21 “Cold Turkeys”
Rick and Cindy attempt to quit smoking on the same day as an auction in Leslieville.

Episode 22 “Worst Best Man Ever”
A wedding-bound Roy arrives at a Guelph auction in his tuxedo.

Episode 23 “The Lame, The Sick, and The Crazy”
With Bogart on crutches and Cindy nursing a cold, it’s a tough day at the auction for all the buyers in Guelph.

Episode 24 “Crate Expectations”
Excitement runs high as Mississauga plays host to a charity auction of high-end storage crates.

Episode 25 “A Bad Day to be Bogart”
Paul brings Bogart’s two older sisters to an auction in Weston. Poor Bogart.

Episode 26 “Ursula’s Just Not That Into You”
Big-time buyer Jeff Gardner returns for an auction in Orillia, but what he’s really interested in is Ursula.

Episode 27 “It’s Don’s World, We’re Just Bidding In It”
All the buyers compete for the attention of Don the auctioneer.

Episode 28 “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Insult”
Roy’s hilarious “Paul-disguise” causes mirth and mayhem at an auction in downtown Toronto.

Episode 29 “Giddy Up!”
Cindy and Ursula almost come to blows at an auction in Cedarbrae.

Episode 30 “Li’l Roy”
Roy brings a “Roy-Puppet” to an auction in Brampton, and they’re both very naughty little boys.

Episode 31 “Paul and Bogart Make a Promo”
Paul and Bogart shoot a low-budget commercial for their store during an auction in Toronto.

Episode 32 “London Storage is Falling Down”
An out-of-town auction in London, Ontario gives rise to new treasures and old grudges.

Episode 33 “O Brother, I Hate Thou”
Roy immediately regrets bringing his little brother to an auction in Toronto when all his enemies fall for the charming young man.

Episode 34 “Spies Like Urs”
Ursula’s private investigator husband spies on the buyers at an auction in Markham.

Episode 35 “Brawl in the Family”
Bogart blows a gasket over Paul’s bidding at an auction in Toronto.

Episode 36 “All’s Fair in Love and Storage War”
Life changes dramatically for nearly all the buyers at an auction in Toronto. Except for Roy, who’s still a jerk.