Season 2


Bigger Stronger Meaner Dumber

Roy hires bodyguards to keep the riff raff away at an auction in Brampton.  Bogart quits… but just when he thinks he’s out; can Paul pull him back in?  Rick and Cindy make a wicket-awesome discovery, and Ursula gets carried away. Celebrity guests include Canadian healthy living advocates Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, as well as Canadian National Cricket Team player Harvir Baidwan.

Logline: The buyers return to Canada’s storage auction scene bigger, stronger, meaner and crazier than ever.


That’s Mr. Pecker to You

Roy’s arch-nemesis, auctioneer Patrick Pecker, calls an auction on Weston Road.  While Roy seeks to lift the curse, Ursula works her charm. Meanwhile, Bogart reads Paul the riot-shirt, and Rick and Cindy get lost (try not to bug out).

Logline:  Fill-in auctioneer Patrick Pecker returns to call an auction and chaos ensues.


Who Wants to be a Bazillionaire?

Ursula’s new employee Tania is tough, goth, and not afraid to pick a fight at an auction in Toronto.  Of course, Cindy isn’t about to back down.  When Bogart decides to assert himself, he threatens Roy’s claim to the title of biggest jerk at the auction.

Logline: Ursula’s new employee Tania makes a big impression at an auction in Toronto.


‘Cause That’s What Janitors Do!

Part-time janitors Mike and Armando hope to clean up at an auction in Emery Village.  Rick and Cindy don’t want to deal with yet another pair of newbies.  Paul on the other hand, is always on the lookout for potential replacements for Bogart.  Roy can’t handle the tooth, but Ursula’s gnarly locker is, like, totally tubular!

Logline: Mike and Armando are janitors by night, buyers by day, and ready to get in on the action at an auction in Emery Village.


Shirt Happens

Buying partnerships are put to the test at an auction in Brampton.  Paul moans when Bogart puts him on a diet. Meanwhile, Rick squirms when Cindy wants him to wear a spiffy new shirt.  Ursula tries on her bossy-pants, but what Roy finds really puts the icing on the cake.

Logline: Buying partnerships are put to the test at an auction in Brampton.


Keep Your Friends Close and The Veterans Closer

Paul and Bogart declare storage war on the veterans at an auction in Orillia.  But Roy goes against the declaration and bums a ride off them instead.  Ursula has a bad hair day, and Rick and Cindy meet Sportsnet Broadcaster and former Stanley Cup Champion Nick Kypreos.

Logline: Paul and Bogart vow to take down Rick and Cindy at an auction in Orillia.


Knockout Punch

Roy is up to his usual antics at an auction in the Old Weston neighbourhood of Toronto.  Only this time, Ursula strikes back with full force.  Paul and Bogart are the epitome of the blind leading the blind, while Rick and Cindy’s locker is more than meets the eye.

Logline: Ursula declares war on Roy at an auction in the Old Weston neighbourhood of Toronto.


Worst Laid Plans

Paul and Bogart concoct an entirely new strategy for an auction in Leaside: to have no strategy at all.  Rick and Cindy play doctor, Ursula gets her geek on, and Roy rocks out with Canadian metal icon Robb Reiner of Anvil.

Logline: Paul and Bogart put away all their gimmicks and tricks for an auction in Leaside.


Chini-chilla Bang Bang

Ursula hopes her pet chinchilla will bring her luck at an auction in East Gwillimbury, but little Monty has ideas of his own.  Rick and Cindy get into watersports, Paul and Bogart make a virtue of chastity, and Roy comes to work in his pajamas.

Logline: Ursula brings her pet chinchilla Monty to an auction in East Gwillimbury.